The Curious and Confident philosophy is simple

Engaging Future


Resilient Confidence


Flexible Journey

= Your Sass Back

When you can vividly describe what an Engaging Future looks, feels, and sounds like for you, grow the Resilient Confidence to sustain you through inevitable rough patches, and map out a Flexible Journey to make it happen, you’ll have all the tools you need to reignite your spark and move towards the life you dream of and deserve.

Everything here is designed to help you with those three elements. You’ll find proprietary strategies, mind-opening exercises, and tools based on the latest neuroscience and psychological insights. All laced with my experience with having a neuro-diverse brain that makes a mockery of most personal development and growth advice out there.

Here at Curious and Confident, you’ll find deep insight as well as practical information you can apply directly.

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Become Curious and Confident

The “Confident Living for the Incurably Curious” book helps you embrace your curious nature and pick your course through your many interests with confidence.

Short and sweet online “crash course” training with Marjan: the essentials on how to escape boredom and design an interesting life you’ll enjoy living without second-guessing yourself again.

Curious and Confident” is a coaching program for creative and intelligent professional women, who want to take life by the horns and no longer watch it pass by.

Reignite Your Spark and Get Your Sass Back!