You are a professional. You’ve worked hard to master your profession. You’ve paid your dues and are reaping the benefits. You have status and recognition and your life is running smoothly.

Still, there’s something gnawing at you.

It appears regularly in your dreams. You catch vivid glimpses of it when the alarm wakes you. For a moment you can revel in it as the images and the mood are still clear. But, it all evaporates too quickly and you’re back in the reality of your life.

You’re curious.

You’d love to follow that curiosity.
You’d love to banish the boredom you’re feeling in your work.
You’d love to spread your wings.

And you’re creative and intelligent.

You know you’re a living, breathing idea generator.
You know you could tackle anything you put your mind to.
You know you only need half a chance to shine and fulfill your dreams and potential.

You’ve used all that to get you to where you are now.

But somehow, you haven’t been able to use it to change tack and pursue a different interest.

Sure, you’ll get enthusiastic about an idea or opportunity. And you’ll prepare the heck out of yourself to follow it through. In fact, you’ve taken more courses every year than others would in a lifetime. So, you know exactly what to do — or where to find what to do — to be a success in any given area that’s taken your fancy.

But somehow, when the preparation is done sometimes even before that, it all fizzles out. Your resolve of making it happen this time dissolves as you contemplate the steps, the effort, and the time you need to put in, all without any guarantee of success.

So, you sink back into the drudgery of your current reality, a little more disillusioned and the dream of a brighter, more interesting and alluring future a little less alive.

I know how it feels I’ve been there.

Countless times.

I let it wreak havoc on my confidence, my self-esteem, and my mood.

I felt empty, unfulfilled, exhausted.

I didn’t even know what I wanted. Everything I had pursued turned out boring in the end.

Attending a Taiko drumming workshop started a journey of rediscovery. Taking classes and performing in front of hundreds of people, forced me to face my deepest fears and connect with emotions I had buried beneath layers of logic.

I felt exposed and vulnerable, yet also daring and triumphant.

This time it was going to make it work.

Rest assured, it wasn’t straightforward or plain sailing from then on. In fact, the journey from training as a coach to where I am now was one with a lot of detours. But they were all interesting and taught me a lot about myself. So I hope the journey ahead of me will send me down just as many exhilarating detours.

I know you can do it too.

You have the answers within you.
You have the power and the grit even if you think you don’t.
You have what it takes to be the you, you desire to be.

It’s just that it’s all tangled up inside you and you can’t see it under the pile of negative messages that you’ve received even from yourself.

And maybe you fear that the tangle is like the proverbial Gordian knot impossible to untangle.

I know I was stumped by my personal knot. Knots actually. Some of which I’m still untying.

But like me, you have it in you to dig down and do the illuminating self-work to unravel it.

The good news is that coaching will act for you like Alexander the Great’s sword did: it cuts through all the noise to get you clear on where you want to go and help you get there faster than you would by yourself.

It’ll be intense.
It’ll be worth it.
You’re worth it.

Are you ready for a new chapter in your life?

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